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Kodak Black wants the Former 45th President back in office & wishes him Happy Birthday

Kodak Black is still thanking Donald Trump for pardon him in January 2021.

Kodak Black Celebrates Trump’s Birthday in MAGA Gear: ‘You Got All My Love’

Broward County rapper shared on Monday, (June 15) thanking and wishing the former POTUS’ 75th birthday, Kodak Black again expressed his support for Trump. As should be common knowledge by now, Trump commuted Kodak’s 2020 conviction sentence during the final days of his White House term.

In a photo posted to his social media, Kodak was fully fitted in his navy blue "Make America Great Again" Trump gear, including the autographed hat he personally received from the former MAGA leader DT @realdonaldtrump #HappyBirthdayKodak #GeminiGang #FeelinPeachy Out Now," the rapper penned in the caption.

1 comment

1 Comment

Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson
Sep 01, 2022

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