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LA Crips reportedly Apologize to The Family Of Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London

L.A. CRIPS Apologizes After Attempting To Trademark Nipsey Hussle 'The Marathon Continues'.

A company connected to the street gang Nipsey Hussle was affiliated with before his passing has issued an official apology to the late rapper's family.

On Wednesday (July 3), The Blast reported that an official for Crips LLC has confirmed that the gang will no longer move forward with attempting to trademark Nipsey's signature phrase The Marathon Continues and that they have apologized for any issues they may have caused.

"There will absolutely be no trademark legal battle between their organization and Blacc Sam, brother of the late Nipsey Hussle," William King Hollis, the corporate communications director for the Crips LLC told The Blast. Adding that they "respectively vow to support the wishes of Lauren London and the Asghedom family," he also apologized to Nipsey's fans and revealed they've already spoken with his family privately.

"We are deeply sorry for any disruptions and melee that the trademark acquisition may have caused to his family, friends and fans," the statement read. "We realize that our actions may have been offensive and we have reached out to his family, respectively Nip's sister, Samantha Smith."

The slain rapper’s brother, Blacc Sam, fired back at the gang with a lawsuit for the rights over the saying. The Blast reports the official company formed by the street gang, Crips LLC, fell back from the lawsuit and apologized to Sam and Lauren London.

Hollis explained to The Blast that he and Nipsey had plans to work together on a "mutual collaboration" for "The Marathon Continues," which is why they went for the trademark. He added that there was no malice behind the move, and they are now fully prepared to turn over the trademark to Nipsey's family. The Crips are also offering to donate all the proceeds from an upcoming Bloods and Crips-themed drink.


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