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Lauren London reportedly son will Inherit $1 Million from Nipsey Hussle estate

Lauren London expects the son she shared with Nipsey Hussle to inherit a ton of cash from the late rapper's estate, so she's making sure he's legally protected.

NipseyHussle’s Son Kris’s Will Inherit $1 Million From Father’s Estate, According to Lauren London

The actress writes that she is the person taking care of the minor child, and will look out for his "best interests" as he receives the lucrative inheritance from his deceased father.

She wants to be Kross' guardian so that she can participate in legal matters involving Nipsey's estate and probate, on the child's behalf.

London also lists Nipsey's 10-year-old daughter, Emani, as Kross' relative.

As we reported, other members of Nipsey's family have come forward with intentions of managing his estate, including his brother, Blacc Sam.

During his filing, Sam wrote that he intended to become the administrator of his brother's estate and that he would help shepherd some of the lucrative deals that were in the work when the hip-hop star was gunned down in South L.A.

Tanisha Foster is also battling Nipsey's family for guardianship of her daughter, Emani. Along with Tanisha, Nipsey's sister, brother and mother have all filed documents intending to gain custodial rights for the young girl.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Nipsey's immediate family members claim they have been a "constant and strong presence in Emani's life. They have participated in her care and upbringing since her birth. Since the unfortunate murder of Emani's father in March 2019, Samiel and Angelique have assisted in providing care for Emani."


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