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Lauren London Vows To Love Nipsey Hussle “Forever” In A Touching Post on 2nd Anniversary

It’s been two years since Nipsey Hussle’s life was tragically cut short. Along with fans and celebrities, the person closest to him, Lauren London, decided to pay tribute to the legend.

Lauren London Honors Nipsey Hussle 2 Years After Death: 'I Love You Eternally'

On Wednesday, (March 31) London posted a picture of Nipsey on her Instagram page. In the caption, the actress and entertainer sent out a poetic prayer in Hussle’s honor.

The world is still reeling from the loss of Nipsey Hussle almost one month after his tragic murder. In the midst of her grieving, his longtime girlfriend Lauren London is keeping his name and legacy alive.

In a touching Instagram post, Lauren shares a never-before-seen photo of them with the caption, “Forever.”

Nipsey’s death shook hip-hop to its core. He connected with various artists during his more than 10-year career. As a result, London wasn’t the only person to mourn the late rapper on the anniversary of his passing. (August 15, 1985 - March 31, 2019)

What everybody in every community and every area in the country loved and respected and valued about Nip. They’re showing their love and it’s humbling.”


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