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LeBron James & business partner Maverick Carter launched new organization called ‘More Than A Vote’

LeBron James along with a group of Black athletes and entertainers joins new organization called to protect voting rights for Black Americans.

LeBron James and Many NBA players along with other athletes join forces in new voting rights organization ‘More Than a Vote’:

‘More Than a Vote’: LeBron James and business partner Maverick Carter have formed a political organization focused on increasing voter turnout called More Than a Vote, The organization was reportedly created in the wake of the nationwide protests and movements for social justice.

James took to Instagram to welcome members of the organization, “We live!!! @morethanavote Thank you to every incredible athlete and artist working to help us pull this together. Change doesn’t happen sitting on the sideline. Use our site to register and join our fight against voter suppression.

LeBron James told the New York Timeson Wednesday. “We feel like we’re finally getting a foot in the door.”


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