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LeBron James roasted for lying about listening to Migos in 2010, and has a history meaningless lies

LeBron James exposed for cappin’ on Migos fandom?

LeBron Ridiculed For Migos ‘Lie’ During Takeoff Tribute

L eBron James roasted for Migos statement.

King James has been known to exaggerate, and the NBA legend was at it again over the weekend while paying tribute to Takeoff.

With the tragic news of the passing of Takeoff, one of the three members of the hip hop group Migos, there’s been an outpouring of remembrance and support for their work of late. One vocal fan has been Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

However, while talking about Takeoff’s death Sunday, During the post-game press conference. LeBron James claimed he was listening to Migos all the way back in 2010 during his first year with the Heat..

“I was listening to those guys my first year with the Heat in 2010,” LeBron said. “You can ask any one of my teammates back then, they had no idea who the Migos was… I was like ‘I’m telling you these guys are next.'”

There’s just one major problem with that claim. Migos’ first mixtape “Juug Season” didn’t come out until August 25, 2011. The first mixtape that generated some actual chart attention – “Y.R.N.” – didn’t drop until June 2013.

Takeoff, 28-year-old (real name Kirshnik Ball) was shot and killed outside a Houston bowling alley in the early hours of November 1, was pronounced dead at the scene. According to the autopsy report, he died from “penetrating gunshot wounds of head and torso into arm.”

Fans immediately picked apart LeBron James’ quote and questioned how he could’ve been a Migos fan in 2010 when the ATL trio’s first project, Juug Season, didn’t arrive until 2011. Their big break didn’t come until two years after that with songs like “Versace,” “Hannah Montana” and “Bando.”

“Howling bc everybody know a habitual liar and Bron still goes above and beyond,” one person tweeted, while another added: “lebron really said he been listening to migos since 2010 LMFAO fuck outta here this man be lyinnnnn like a mf sometimes.”

Check out LeBron James’ “lying” compilation below.


“If you know me any then you know how much I love @yrntakeoff!! Still doesn’t feel real to me! Rest in Paradise Rocket Man,” LeBron tribute on Instagram.


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