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LeBron James says throw 2020 away, Nothing is normal in 2020

Lebron James addresses the Lakers media at the NBA Bubble.

“I just say it’s 2020,” James said. “Nothing is normal in 2020.”

Later this month, NBA players will finally be back on the court as try to finish the regular season which was so rudely interrupted by the Coronavirus. As a way to keep the players safe, they are all staying on campus in Orlando, Florida which is being appropriately referred to as the NBA Bubble City.

On Monday (July 20), King James discussed life in the NBA Bubble, the legacy of John Lewis.

Lakers’ LeBron James speaks out: ‘Nothing is normal in 2020’ watch-full press here.

LeBron James keeps hearing the same questions. How’s it going? How’s the bubble?

He now has a one-size-fits-all-answer.


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