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Lil Baby Plans To Open a Restaurant hometown Atlanta, GA

The Georgia native Lil Baby to launch his own restaurant.

Lil Baby reportedly plans to open restaurant in Georgia: to serve lamb chops, lobster tails, rice plus more

According to XXL, (Jan. 14) During a Zoom conversation, the Quality Control Records artist revealed that he'll be opening a restaurant, with a lounge-esque vibe, in the center of Atlanta.

"Actually, I have a new restaurant and I'ma open it in Atlanta," he tells XXL when asked what other industries he plans to explore outside of hip-hop. "It was supposed to be open by January, but we had to finish the stages, so maybe, February, March"

"You know, lamb chops, lobster tails, rice, stuff like that," the rapper adds. "A little music, alcohol. Stuff like that."


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