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Lil Durk Drops Video for New Track “All My Life” featuring J. Cole

Lil Durk releases J. Cole collab ‘All My Life’

Durkio and Cole Share Video for New Song “All My Life”: Watch

Lil Durk and J. Cole connect on the new single “All My Life”

The Chicago rapper has shared a new single from his forthcoming new album Almost Healed, which is due out on May 26 (after the rapper initially said it would be released today). The new single is called “All My Life,” it features J. Cole, and it has a new music video.

The single was produced by Dr. Luke, Durk raps about his rise to fame and his determination to change the public's perception of him as some type of a menace.

“I decided that I have to finish/But the media call me a menace/I done sat down with the mayor and politicians, I'm tryin' to change up the image,” Durk spits over melodic keyboards. “You can't blame my past no more, I come from the trenches/Some say that I'll never be a superstar but I know I'm different (oh no-no-no).”

J. Cole follows as he vents about the multiple deaths of young rappers before they reach any kind of stardom.

“These days seems rappers are dyin' way before they even gettin' their shine/I never even heard little buddy/Til somebody murder lil buddy/Now I'm on the phone searchin' lil buddy name," he raps. "Got to play his tunes, all day in my room/Thinkin' 'Damn, this shit is wicked/To get their names buzzin' some n***as got to lay in a tomb.”

Watch Lil Durk and J. Cole’s “All My Life” visual below.


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