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Lil Flip says he compares his rap career to Michael Jordan, LeBron James & Floyd Mayweather

fellow Houston's native Lil Flip compares his rap career to three living legends.

Lil Flip: “You put me in the booth with whoever with anybody”

Best known for his trademark Clover G power, Lil’ Flip has been far more than the average Southern rapper in his nearly two decades as a professional recording artist and entrepreneur. the Houston, Texas native speaking on the impact he had on his career.

It's been longer than a minute since the world has heard from Lil Flip, but the Houston rapper is back in the news after surfaced IG live reminiscing in the prime.

Watch the IG live clip below.

In a quote "I compare my career I compare it to three people Floyd Mayweather, Jordan, LeBron"

He also added, No matter how many plaques I got, never sold my soul came in the game as "CEO" I still never get the props I deserved.


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