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Lil Kim Checks 50 Cent For Comparing Her To An OWL: ‘I See U Still In Your Feelings’

Lil' Kim's BF Mr. Papers warns 50 Cent after he clowned her looks.

50 Cent Trolls Lil’ Kim on Her BET Awards Look, Mr. Papers Defends Her

Check out her post below.

Lil’ Kim has responded to 50 Cent’s troll and used the opportunity to plug her upcoming memoir.

On Thursday (July 1), Lil' Kim used Instagram to repost a side-by-side image of herself during her 2021 BET awards performance last weekend and an owl, which is what 50 compared the Brooklyn rapper's onstage look to. Kim wore an all-white Prada ensemble with a hood, a triangular bang with a white Prada hair clip in the center of her bang. Her performance was in honor of Queen Latifah receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the awards show.

The Brooklyn rapper addressed 50 Cent on Instagram and said she isn’t pressed.

“The accuracy 😭😭 Hilarious 😂 I ain’t bothered not one bit. My family & friends more mad than me,”😂 she captioned the post.

Lil’ Kim added, “S–t like this don’t move me one way or another cause I’m still a bad bitch that n—-z bitches, mommies, daughters, and aunties still want to be till this day and I love it!!😂😂.”

Kim also suggested that 50 is still salty that she previously turned him down.

@50cent I see u still in ur feels about that dinner date u asked me on that I had to turn down,” she wrote. “Let it go u have a beautiful girlfriend, I have a loving husband. Let it go.”

Kim’s partner, who goes by the name Mr. Papers, responded in the comment section and warned 50 Cent to leave Kim alone. Mr. Paper’s said,

“Leave my wife out the jokes ya heard.” Check it out:


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