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The Breakfast Club co-host DJ Envy says 50 Cent would ‘wash’ Lil Wayne in a Verzuz Battle

Charlamagne Tha God seemed baffled by his co-host’s prediction.

DJ Envy believes 50 Cent would beat Lil Wayne In A ‘Verzuz’ Battle

Radio co-host DJ Envy thinks that if 50 Cent ever face-off against Lil Wayne in a Verzuz battle that the Queens rapper would “wash” Weezy.

On Thursday (March 23), The Breakfast Club co-host has weighed in on 50 Cent and Lil Wayne potential Verzuz match-up.

Ebro Darden has argued that 50 Cent would “wash” Lil Wayne in a Verzuz match-up, causing an uproar on social media.

In response to a clip from a recent episode of Apple Music’s Rap Life Review, during which co-host Eddie Francis said that Ebro claimed Fifty would “wash” Wayne in a song-for-song battle. However, that isn’t an opinion shared by Francis.

Breakfast Club co-host, Envy chimed in on the battle between the two cultural icons but Charlamagne took it as a shot toward the South. “Yes, Lil Wayne doesn’t have a Get Rich but Lil Wayne has massive, massive amounts of hits… One album cannot win you a Verzuz,” he said. However, Envy explained why he sided with Lowkey on the matter. “He is right… Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is a classic album but you can’t sit there and act like Lil Wayne doesn’t have classic bodies of work,” he said.

Charlamagne explained, that people would definitely tune in for that showdown but 50 Cent “would need something more than just Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ to go against one of the top five, potentially top 3, greatest rappers alive.” Charlamagne added that Wayne already had a stacked catalog by the time the Young Money era began. “Now, 50 Cent would win that battle,” Envy stated before Charlamagne interrupted. “It would be 20 and 20. I do,” Envy added.

In addition to Rap Life Review debate, “I seen that and I was like, ‘What?!’ In what world?'” Francis said. “I’m not even here to say 50 could beat Lil Wayne, but to say that 50 would wash Lil Wayne? In no dimension, in no world, in no — just no! That would not happen.”

Eddie Francis acknowledged that 50 Cent’s peak with 2003’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is “probably hotter than anyone I saw in Hip Hop history,” but argued his reign at the top was short. Wayne, on the other hand, “has been around since 1998 basically” and his features alone would make for a formidable setlist, he said.


See the full conversation from DJ Envy and Charlamagne’s comments about a Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Verzuz below.


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