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Lil Wayne confirms new Young Money Album compilation on it's way

Lil Wayne reveals a new Young Money Compilation Album Is Coming.

Lil Wayne Announces New Young Money Compilation Album

A new compilation album from Lil Wayne and his Young Money imprint is finally on the way.

The artist announced the news on Fox Sports Radio’s Up On Game, but didn’t reveal who exactly will appear on the project.

On Saturday (February 27), Tunechi was a guest on Fox Sports Radio’s Up On Game where he confirmed a new Young Money album is on the way. “We about to put the compilation together with all the artists together on one album,” Wayne began. “That sets up everything for everybody so they could start coming out with their solo projects as well.”

The upcoming compilation album will be the first since 2014’s Young Money: Rise of an Empire, In 2009, which featured a star-studded Young Money lineup of Weezy, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga and more. We Are Young Money, with the Billboard chart-topping singles "BedRock" and "Roger That."

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