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Lil Wayne drops remix For Pop Smoke's “Iced Out Audemars”

Listen to Pop Smoke's "Iced Out Audemars" Remix featuring Lil Wayne

An official remix of Pop Smoke's "Iced Out Audemars" is out now featuring Lil Wayne

Pop Smoke's "Iced Out Audemars," which appeared on the deluxe edition of his album Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon, has received the Lil Wayne remix treatment.

“Rest in peace to Poppy/Here today, we gone tomorrow (Gone tomorrow)/That’s the art of war(art of war)/Too many fallen stars (For the stars)/And when it rains it storms (Yeah)/Iced out Audemars,” Wayne raps.

The remix with Lil Wayne is officially out now. Listen to the new remix below.


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