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Lil Wayne “hilariously” clueless about Hot Boys Reunion album

Weezy says he has no information about the reunion tour and album that B.G. and Juvenile teased earlier this year.

The New Orleans legend blind by Hot Boys Reunion: 'They Ain't Told Me Nothing'

Lil Wayne revealed that he doesn't know anything about the previously announced Hot Boys reunion.

During a recent appearance on Cam Heyward’s Not Just Football podcast, the Young Money head honcho was asked about the much-rumored reunion, to which he replied with surprise: “Shit, you just told me!”

He later pushed back against Juvenile‘s claims that the a Hot Boys album being worked on: “That’s what he [said]? I ain’t been to the kitchen yet. I would not lie to you, I have not been in that kitchen yet.

“I have no problem with going to that kitchen, but I ain’t smell it, it ain’t come through the window yet. I ain’t smell the food […] They ain’t told me nothing yet.

Juvenile previously said a reunion album was in the works, commenting on Instagram Live: “Hot Boys is back together, man. Turk gonna be with me tonight, I’m gonna be with B.G. next week. Me, Wayne, Turk and B.G., all of us gonna be on stage in New Orleans with Mannie Fresh and Birdman. And we already started working on the Hot Boys album.”

While Lil Wayne is apparently unaware of any album plan, he seems more on board with the idea of a Hot Boys reunion tour.

Check out the full interview with Lil Wayne below.


Wayne previously said on YG‘s '4Hunnid podcast' the only hold-up was B.G.’s legal problems since his release from prison, which may restrict his movement on the road.

“We’ve spoken about it a few times but, you know, they have situations. Like B.G. just coming home so he gotta figure out: can he tour? Can he travel? And things like that,” he said on YG‘s 4Hunnid podcast.

Weezy stated, “Juvie ready and Turk ready, but really we gotta see if Geezy can move around.” When asked if that’s the “only piece” of the puzzle left to solve, Wayne replied: “Yeah.”

“‘Cause everybody got their own thing. Everybody got their own record label, their own situation. Nobody ain’t tied down to nothing. So when we asked everybody, they were like, ‘Yeah, we can jump on whenever.’ We just gotta get Geezy right.”

The Hot Boys — B.G., Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and Turk—released three albums together: 1997’s Get It How U Live!, 1999’s Guerilla Warfare, and 2003’s Let ‘Em Burn under Cash Money Records. The quartet found commercial success with Guerilla Warfare, which debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200. They broke up in 2001 before the arrival of their last album, which arrived late due to their disbandment.


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