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Lil Wayne Makes It Clear that he’s still the “Best Rapper Alive”

The self-proclaimed New Orleans emcee first tour in four years.

Weezy calling himself the “Best Rapper Alive” during his LA show at ‘Welcome to Tha Carter’ tour

Lil Wayne proclaimed that he's still the best rapper alive.

Weezy declared himself the “Best Rapper Alive” on his 2005 album Tha Carter II, and 18 years later, he still feels that way.

On Saturday night (May 13), during his Los Angeles stop of his Welcome to Tha Carter Tour, Lil Wayne made a bold statement to the sold-out crowd in attendance.

While rocking the late Icon Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers gear from head to toe, Weezy told the audience at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California. “I am the realest motherf***er in the game right now.”

Weezy continued. “Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t give a f**k what you think you’re looking at, but you are looking at the best rapper alive.”

Watch Lil Wayne say he's the ‘BEST RAPPER ALIVE’ below.

As previously reported, In 2005, Lil Wayne declared himself the “Best Rapper Alive” on Tha Carter II. The track had Weezy going off over Bigg D’s production and came just before Wayne reign as the mixtape champ in the mid-2000’s. The electrifying guitar progression and showcased his ability as a lyricist to the fullest.

Lil Wayne has decades in the game, after rising to prominence in the Hot Boys, with Juvenile, B.G., and Turk on the Cash Money label. Nowadays, he stands as one of the best-selling artists of all time. As these best Lil Wayne songs show, his influence on hip-hop culture is immeasurable. During the mid-00s, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing his free-flow, and now we’re counting down the Top 20 Lil Wayne songs. After all, it’s Wayne’s world, we’re just living in it.

Revisit Best Rapper Alive below.


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