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Lil Wayne on LeBron's 4th title, talks his “GOAT status” says he's still Michael Jordan all the way

Lil Wayne picks between LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Lil Wayne talks Lakers, LeBron James and his life in the Rap Game. | ALL BALL with Doug Gottlieb

NOLA rapper and Young Money founder Lil Wayne joined Doug Gottlieb on All Ball podcast to talk about LeBron James winning his fourth NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers.

One of the topics that was touched during the conversation was who the greatest player of all time is – Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

Lil Wayne to LeBron to see him do it with his third team, Weezy on [MJ] I'm with you I'm Jordan all the way. I've lived through those days it's impossible anybody do that again, "but man to see him to do it with his third team. I had to think about that,” he admitted that LeBron’s title with the Lakers made him think about it. Lil Wayne said.

You can watch the full interview here below.


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