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Lil Wayne Reveals His Collaboration with DMX will be on X's New Album

Lil Wayne Reveals New Collaboration will Appear on X's New Album.

Lil Wayne Says He Just Recorded a DMX feature

The New Orleans bred rapper Lil Wayne, who recently appeared on Doug Gottlieb on All Ball podcast to talk about LeBron James winning his fourth NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers, also his New Feature for DMX.

A celebration is in order for DMX fans who have been awaiting new music. Nearly five years after releasing The Redemption of the Beast, the rapper confirmed he has a new album in the works.

On Monday, Oct.12, Wayne spoke on being on X's ninth studio album. I just done a feature for 'X' recently, 'X' about to come back out” @weezydagoatupdates via, sharing a clip from Weezy interview.

Lil Wayne appeared on the “ALL BALL with Doug Gottlieb” podcast, which you can check out below.


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