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Lil Wayne reveals JAY-Z inspired him to stop writing down his ‘rhymes’

Weezy says Jay-Z inspired him to ditched the pen and paper back in 2002.

Lil Wayne recalls the last time he chose to stop writing down his Lyrics for ‘10,000 Bars’ mixtape

Lil Wayne Weezy F‘ recently appeared on The Pivot Podcast, featuring NFL stars Fred Taylor, Channing Crowder and ESPN’s Ryan Clark. At around the 56-minute interview after learning that JAY-Z strictly freestyled without a pen and paper.

“Like Biggie, love Biggie, love Jadakiss — I love all that shit, but Jay. The moment I heard it I stopped. You could ask my boy. ‘I heard that n-gga JAY-Z don’t write no more.’

“We went in the studio and we did ‘10,000 Bars’ and that was the last time I rapped anything off of a paper.”

Lil Wayne is referencing a 35-minute track from 2002 (10,000 Bars), featuring the former Hot Boys rapper spitting the last of his written rhymes in a rapid-fire fashion over an assortment of pieces while the pieces of paper being discarded are even picked up by the microphone.

See more from The Pivot Podcast featuring Lil Wayne below.


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