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Lil Wayne's Longtime Manager Says Weezy Can Only Do a ‘Verzuz’ Battle With Himself

Cortez “Tez” Bryant addresses fans calling for Lil Wayne to Do 'Verzuz' Battle.

Cortez Bryant Weighs In on Weezy's Potential Verzuz Battle

Fans are pitting Weezy and Hov against each other after the Hip-Hop mogul made the claim on Tuesday that no one can share the stage with him in a Verzuz battle.

While speaking with Genius's vice president Rob Markman on Twitter Spaces, Hov said: “No one can stand on that stage with me. It’s not a chance in hell that anyone can stand on that stage with me. You got to stand in front of the ‘Grammy Family Freestyle’ live? No one has ever even seen me perform that, you got to stand in front of that? That ain’t never going to happen.”

However, Weezy's fans on Twitter were quickly up to the challenge─after a Hip Hop Crown Nation meme went viral, Naming rappers who they believe have the discography to take on Jay-Z, which is Lil Wayne the photo caught DJ Akademiks and even Lil Wayne's manager attention.

Cortez Bryant replied to Akademiks repost “Who wins in verzuz .. jay z or lil Wayne”: Bryant took to his Instagram Stories on Wednesday (December 22), “@akademiks Wayne can only do a 3 way verzuz with himself” Bryant seemly stated he doesn’t see anyone on the level of Lil Wayne in rap.

He wrote. “Lil Wayne vs Featuring Lil Wayne vs Mixtape Weezy lol”

According to Cortez Bryant, don’t expect to find Lil Wayne participating in any of the upcoming Verzuz battles. Watch here.

A twitter debate between Jay-Z and Lil Wayne fans has surfaced on Twitter amid bold comments from Mr. Carter peep some tweets below.

You can listen to the full chat here below.


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