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Lil Wayne says he ‘Thank God’ for iPhone, Admits he’s ‘too old & too tired’ to write down his lyrics

Weezy’s lyricism (he's widely considered to be among the best to ever do it), and the fact that like Jay-Z, he doesn't write down his lyrics.

Lil Wayne hilariously confesses that he is “Too Old” to write down his lyrics

Lil Wayne admits these days he’s just ‘Too Old and Too Tired’ to write down write his lyrics.

During a recent appearance on FS1’ UNDISPUTED, Weezy admitted that he doesn’t write down his lyrics anymore because he’s “too old and too tired” to be reading from a piece of paper in the booth.

Thank God for the iPhone. Before, I would have to remind myself all day because I don’t write nothing down. They always be thinking that it’s some type of achievement,” the 41-year-old explained to co-hosts Michael Irvin and Skip Bayless.

“No, I don’t write because I’m too old and too tired to be trying to read. You know, they got the iPhone now so I go ahead and record the voice memo.”

This isn’t the first time Lil Wayne has cited a reason for his paperless approach to writing to lyrics. While speaking on The Pivot Podcast, Weezy F Baby reflected on the moment he decided to give up writing and opted to rap whatever came to him. According to Wayne, his 2002 35-minute record "10,000 Bars" was the last time he wrote down a rhyme.

“Like Biggie, love Biggie, love Jadakiss — I love all that shit, but Jay. The moment I heard it I stopped,” Lil Wayne said. “You could ask my boy. ‘I heard that n***a Jay-Z don't write no more.’”

He continued, “We went in the studio, and we did '10,000 Bars,' and that was the last time I rapped anything off of a paper.”


Watch the full segment from Lil Wayne via on Undisputed’ YouTube channel below:

Elsewhere in the Interview on UNDISPUTED, Lil Wayne recently confirmed he's now a new investor and strategic advisor of a Major League Pickleball team, the Texas Ranchers.

“Pickleball is the moment and I’m excited to be part of the Texas Ranchers ownership group,” he said in a statement. “I’ve enjoyed watching and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join this team of owners.”


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