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Lil Wayne Talks Struggle Rappers, New Album & More

Lil Wayne is working with AEO on a Young Money clothing collaboration and stars in its fall 2019 back to school campaign.

Lil Wayne Thinks The Internet Makes It Harder For New Artists To Distinguish Themselves

The veteran artist denies that the easy accessibility afforded by social media and streaming is an advantage. “I think about how difficult it must be these days,” he says. “To be more than just one of these balloons ’cause so many people can do it now. As soon as you come out with something — ‘I like it,’ and we don’t even remember who you are next week when such-and-such come out with the next dance. So you end up just being one of these balloons.”


Lil Wayne Talks American Eagle Collab, Struggle Rappers, and New Album


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