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Logan Paul accused Floyd Mayweather for not paying him for last year exhibition match

The elder Paul brother allegedly got finessed by the boxing vet Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, claim that the 50-0 former champion did not pay him for their exhibition bout.

Logan Paul claims Floyd Mayweather has not paid him for exhibition & calls him “Dirty Little Rat”

Logan Paul has called out Floyd Mayweather, referring to the boxer as a “rat” after claiming he still hasn’t been paid for their fight in June 2021.

The Mayweather vs. Paul fight in June 2021 was the biggest fight of the social media star-turned-boxer’s career, even though it ended without a clear winner being declared.

Six months after the fight happened though, Logan took to Twitter to claim he still hadn’t been paid what he’s owed.

“Yeah because the dirty little rat hasn’t paid me yet lol. It’s been 6 months,” ...“But no worries @Floydmayweather,” Paul added. “ @KSI and I are going to make back the money you stole from me & more. January 4.”

Little brother Jake Paul chimes in responding to an article about how “Money” Mayweather earned so much from their fight he could buy Jeff Bezos’ private jet, Paul claimed it was because he still hadn’t been paid after half a year.

“Dana and Floyd should be best friends,” Jake wrote. “They don't want to pay anyone.”


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