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Ludacris celebrates ‘End of the Road’ film with Queen Latifah becoming No. 1 on Netflix

Ludacris celebrates success as film ‘End of the Road’ hits #1 on Netflix globally with Costar (Brenda) Queen Latifah.

Chris “Ludacris” Bridges reacts as “End of the Road” becomes No. 1 on Netflix co-starring Queen Latifah

Ludacris is thanking fans around the world who helped “End of the Road” shatter Netflix records.

Atlanta-bred rapper-turned actor hopped on Instagram to celebrate the film's success with his followers. On Saturday afternoon (Sept. 10.) “#1 Spot!!!! Thank You for The Love 🙏🏾 #endoftheroad@netflix,” Luda wrote. Reacted to the success of the newly released ‘End of the Road,’ on Netflix. The film, released worldwide on September 9, 2022, was directed by Millicent Shelton. ('30 Rock', 'Black-ish', 'Jessica Jones' and many other shows), follows a family fighting bigotry, violence and more on their road trip.

The action-thriller film follows a family of four traverses an obstacle course of Wild West crime escapades in the charming caper “End of the Road.” Queen Latifah and Chris Bridges anchor the antics as Brenda, a mother of two teenagers, and Reggie, Brenda’s layabout younger brother. Their sibling alliance forms the heart of the movie, and the pair toggle credibly between a combative dynamic and a considerate one.

End of the Road pits Queen Latifah against a series of escalating events that threaten the safety of her family, all of which she stares down like a Grizzly with no time for any nonsense.

End of the Road is now streaming on Netflix.


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