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Ludacris says he didn’t take Katt Williams comments about him seriously following the comedian interview on Club Shay Shay

“He's a comedian, you know, and he tells jokes, so it is what it is," Ludacris explained.

Ludacris calls Katt Williams’ 'Club Shay Shay' intervuew “so laughable”

Ludacris responds to Katt Williams comments: 'So Laughable.'

On Monday (April 1), the Atlanta rap legend revisit the feud he and Katt, which saw the two trading freestyles, during “The Breakfast Club.” Specifically, he addressed Williams’ rumors about the pair being “invited to an Illuminati thing” prior to him ultimately being cast for the Fast & Furious franchise.

"I wouldn't be the right person to ask that question," Ludacris stated. "I have no idea if he was offered a role in [Fast & Furious]. I do know that I saw him at Rick Ross' crib some years back and everything was perfectly fine. But he's a comedian, you know, and he tells jokes, so it is what it is."

He continued, “It was so laughable — what he said — to me, I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I took it as laughable because he’s a comedian, and that’s why I kind of responded with some laughable stuff.”

Watch Ludacris full appearance on The Breakfast Club below.


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