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Ludacris Spreads Holiday Cheer at Children's Hospital in Atlanta

Ludacris played Santa at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta on Sunday.

Ludacris Gives Out Presents At Children's Hospital & Blesses Homeless With Food, Gift Cards For Christmas.

Making his annual visit to the hospital, the "Fast and Furious" star posted a video on Monday (December 20), in which he revealed that he’s been hitting the streets masked up to test an old aphorism that his dad used to impart when the rapper was a kid.

The ATL is spreading holiday cheer once again at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, stopping by as part of an annual tradition in which the 44-year-old rap vet brings gifts and puts on an event in partnership with his foundation. The Ludacris Foundation has been working with Atlanta children's hospital for years and was founded by the Grammy award-winning rapper in 2001.

“My pops used to always say ‘If you give a homeless person money they’re just going to go buy booze wit it.’ I always wanted to disagree with him because as a kid, in my heart I always felt that couldn’t be 100% true,” Luda wrote alongside a 20-second video in which he approaches a person in a wheelchair on the street and hands them a gift certificate that they accept with glee.

“Merry Christmas, there’s $50 on there, go on in, man,” the “Rollout” rapper tells the guy, who blissfully replies, “Oh, I’m going in!”

See posts from Luda and his organization below.


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