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Ludacris, T.I. & Lil Baby attends #HBCUs4BlackLives rally in Atlanta, GA with Rev. Al Sharpton

Atlanta's "HBCUs4BlackLives' protest was held Saturday, (June 6).

T.I. Addresses George Floyd Protesters in Atlanta

Yesterday, and All 50 states aross the country protests. Denouncing of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and police brutality, those committed to change show they aren’t giving up.

Audio of T.I.’s speech featured an impassioned plea to protest-goers to stay committed to fighting injustice.

“Don’t let anybody else commandeer your mission,” T.I. said to the crowd during a speech. “Don’t let nobody else who don’t have justice and peace on their heart, who don’t have change in their heart, get out here and undermine your movement.”

“America has an incredible debt to pay,” the rapper continued. “And for those of us who ain’t a part of repaying that debt, all we got to do is get the hell out the way.”


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