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Ludacris weigh on Viral DaBaby Comparison and Not Getting Credit for Lyrics Throughout the Years

Ludacris on Top Rappers list—At the end of the day in a year or two in three years. The list is going to be slightly different. Ten years it's going to be drastically different. Twenty years from now it might not be the same muthaf**k** on the list.

Ludacris gave his thoughts on DaBaby's comparison and defended Lil Duval’s take

Joining The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (August 17), the Atlanta rap veteran admitted he understands artistic comparisons with DaBaby. Talks hoarding problem, "F9" The Fast Saga, and leaving a Legacy. "I'm trying to be here for a century or more." Luda said.

Watch the full interview below.

Back In the month of June, Duval suggested DaBaby is “this generation[’s] Ludacris.”

Charlamagne asked Ludacris. Though The Breakfast Club hosts admit that "people always get mad about comparisons," Ludacris had nothing but positive things to say about Lil Duval's statement.

“I saw people give him a lot of slack for that, and I was like, ‘That’s crazy,’ because I understand where Lil Duval was coming from,” said Luda at the 14:50 point of the interview. “You know, in terms of everything we’re talking about, having fun with your visuals, and being playful, and being slick with the lyrics and having subliminals.”


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