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Man wins first ever autographed Donald Trump's high top “Never Surrender” gold sneakers with winning bid of $9,000

Roman Sharf, Founder and CEO of Luxury Bazaar, a luxury watch dealer, won the pair of "Never Surrender high tops" after placing a bid of $9,000 at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia.

Trump's gold high-top sneakers sold out hours after their launch Saturday at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia

Watch: Russian CEO wins an autographed pair of Donald Trump's new golden sneakers.

On Monday (Feb. 19.), A Russian man paid $9,000 for Donald Trump’s 'new signature' shoes after making an eye-watering bid.

Roman Sharf, the founder and CEO of luxury watch dealer, Luxury Bazaar, walked away with an autographed pair of Trump’s golden “Never Surrender high-tops” after placing a winning bid of $9,000 at Philadelphia’s Sneaker Con.

A video shared on social media shows Sharf smiling and speaking to members of the crowd as he showed off the golden sneakers after outbidding other buyers.

The sneakers, which feature an American flag detail on the back, cost $399, with Limited to just 1000 pairs, the sneakers reportedly sold out less than two hours after the launch.


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