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Martin Lawrence says ‘Bad Boys 4’ is still in the works despite Will Smith's Oscars slap

Martin Lawrence has confirmed that “Bad Boys 4” is still in the works after production was halted due to Will Smith assaulting Chris Rock.

Martin Lawrence Says Oscar Slap Won’t Stopped Him And Will Smith Making A New Bad Boys Film

During a recent interview with EBONY, Lawrence discussed his relationship with Will Smith. Martin was questioned on whether or not, in the aftermath of the slapping incident, the two icons would join forces for the fourth installment in the Bad Boys franchise. Lawrence’s reply insinuated that he had no plans of walking away from his friend and colleague and canceling the project.

“We got one more at least,” Martin Lawrence said about the possibility of Bad Boys 4.

Martin Lawrence’s empathy for Will Smith can be traced further along in the interview during a moment where he discussed comedy legend and actor Eddie Murphy. Murphy saved Lawrence a career relaunching role in the 1999 comedy movie Life during a tumultuous time in Martin’s life that saw the industry distancing itself from the comedian.

“It was a tough time in my life at that time, and Eddie called and had Life ready for me,” revealed the comedian. “He wouldn’t do the movie with anybody else but me. So, I really love him for that.”


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