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Mary J. Blige and Nas Join Forces on "Thriving"

Mary J. Blige and Nas Connect for New Single "Thriving"

Nas and Mary J. Blige have teamed up on a new track called "Thriving."

The song debuted Wednesday on Ebro Darden's Beats 1 radio show. Blige appeared on the broadcast to introduce the track and to speak on her and Nas' forthcoming tour.

"I was hanging out with [Nas] and Puff around New Year's Eve, and the next day, I think maybe two days later, I got a text from him saying, 'Do you want to go on the road together?'" Blige said. "It all made sense because we came out in 1994, both of us. And it's the 25th anniversary of both of our albums."

The multi-hyphenate explained "Thriving" was about overcoming obstacles and moving forward no matter what.

"That's basically what 'Thriving' means to me: by any means necessary," she said. "Don't be stopped and don't get stuck [...] Just keep growing by any means necessary."

You can stream "Thriving" now on Apple Music/iTunes.


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