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Mase defends Caitlin Clark’s receiving hard fouls in the WNBA: “Comes Across As Hating”

The 'It Is What It Is' co-host thinks the hard fouls are a bad look.

The 'It Is What It Is' sports analyst Ma$e defends Caitlin Clark from WNBA hard foul treatment

Mase chimes in on Caitlin Clark receiving hard fouls in the WNBA.

On Monday mornings, episode of Cam'ron and Mase It Is What It Is show, the co-host came to Clark's defense, saying the backlash she's face comes across as "hating."

“They are just playing down the significance of just female sports being portrayed the right way," Mase explained. “If you want branding dollars, then you have to be brand appropriate. I think that's something that people are learning, especially with this generation. You go further when your brand is clean enough to be marketed on different platforms."

Mase continued by defending Clark regarding recent criticism from former WNBA player Monica McNutt, who earlier this week said Caitlin is merely experiencing the  "welcome to the league" hazing that all rookies face.


See the full episode of 'It Is What It Is' via YouTube below.


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