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Master P and Actress Denise Boutte Set to Star in Thriller-Mystery Movie ‘Unknown’ out October 1st

‘Unknown’ will hit Amazon Prime this Friday, Executive produced by Percy “Master P” Miller and Son Romeo Miller.

Catch the trailer below here.

The hip hop mogul will be starring in the upcoming psychological suspense thriller Unknown which will be released on Amazon Prime on October 1st. The film is being produced by Master P and his son Romeo Miller is the executive producer of the project. Unknown is directed by LazRael Lison and the three previously worked together on the 2021 film Never and Again which Lison directed.

Summer House Pictures has shared the first look at 'Unknown', a new thriller, drama film starring Tom Sizemore, Master P, Romeo Miller, Hal Ozsan, Denise Boutte, and more.

Master P took to Instagram on Wednesday (September 29), promoting the upcoming film ahead of it's release. "Check out our new movie #UNKNOWN on Amazon prime. OCTOBER 1st it’s a thriller, drama, and horror all mixed in one. ‘P’ added. Halloween is approaching, "Getting you ready for Halloween #Godisgood#weallwegot Movies..movies…movies, we taking over Hollywood!"

Unknown also stars Gary McDonald, Morgan Peter Brown and Ray Stoney and the film’s synopsis states that the murder mystery revolves around a serial killer.


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