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Master P Fires Back At Monica “IDK You and I ain’t trying to get to know you”

Blood is thicker than water.

Master P Exchanges Words With Monica On Instagram

On Friday evening (Aug 21), New Orleans native shared that he believes C-Murder's friends are the reason he's in prison and that he can't believe he hasn't called them out while simultaneously being ungrateful to his family. He went on to tag Kardashian, C-Murder, Monica, and P's other brother, Silkk the Shocker, in the post. 

In a 7-minute video, P, whose real name is Percy Miller, addressed the fact that his brother has put his friends over his family and feels that their efforts are going unnoticed. Miller stated that C-Murder was quick to send love to Kardashian and his ex-girlfriend Monica but not his family and calling him ungrateful. 

Monica and P goes back and forth read additional post below.

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