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Master P Announced His Plans to Own an HBCU: ‘I Want Y’all To Join This Movement With Me’

Master P reveals his plan to own an HBCU instead of an NBA Team.

Master P has plans to own an HBCU: “This message is all about educating our people.”

The mogul took to Instagram on Thursday (March 11) where he revealed his life goal has now changed. “I used to want to own an NBA team but now I want to own a HBCU,” opens his video’s caption.

The recent highlighting of Historically Black Colleges and Universities has led many to learn that most of these schools were founded on land grants provided by the government during the Reconstruction Era. Realizing this has motivated Master P to take matters into his own hands to change the future.

“This message is all about educating our people,” Master P said in the video. “Anybody that’s listening to this and has a business, I want y’all to join this movement with me. We need to make sure our kids get educated the way other the cultures are educated.”


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