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Master P To Protest “Marijuana Injustice” Wants 5/20 as Cannabis Freedom Day

Master P to lead 'Cannabis Freedom Day' march to protest marijuana convictions.

Master P will be protesting ‘Cannabis Freedom Day’ on May 20

Master P is advocating for Cannabis Freedom Day.

The Hip Hop mogul announced that he will be leading the pack to acknowledge May 20 as Cannabis Freedom Day, nationally acknowledging the need for legislative change for marijuana charges.

The New Orleans native was inspired by the story of Fate Vincent Winslow, who was sentenced to life in prison for selling a dub to an undercover officer.

In 2008, a Louisiana man named Fate Vincent Winslow was sentenced to life in prison for selling $20 worth of marijuana to an undercover cop. Thanks to advocacy from Project New Orleans activists, Vincent was released early in December 2020. Sadly the 53-year-old was gunned down in his car on May 4th, he was shot head while sitting in his car.

“None of his family were prepared,” they noted in a specially-created GoFundMe, “for something like this to happen—he had just come home, and we looked forward to many years enjoying his laughter, kindness, and joy. We want to give him a proper funeral for his community to grieve the loss.”

“I want to bring awareness, you know, helping prisoners when they get out,” Miller said in a recent interview with “We are doing this for people in these states that’s still incarcerated for marijuana.”

May 20, Miller hopes that Winslow’s story will help bolster conversations about how Black Americans are disproportionately imprisoned for marijuana despite it being legalized in 34 states.

Master P announced his plans to document his efforts during Cannabis Freedom Day and wants to release a project.

“Cannabis legalization has become more and more widespread,” Miller said in a statement, and “over 60,000 cannabis-related convictions have been reduced or fully dismissed in California, where cannabis is legal. As of 2021, 34 states have decriminalized cannabis, eliminating the risk of jail time for possession of small amounts. In states where cannabis is still illegal, a person arrested for cannabis can end up with a permanent criminal record, which can strip them of various essential opportunities like employment, housing, financial aid and even child custody.”

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