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Meek Mill is selling ExecArmor Bulletproof Truck for $200,000

Meek Mill reportedly has nine more Bulletproof Escalade Trucks.

Meek Mill is willing to sell his Escalade for the right price.

Hit up Meek Mill's DM if you are ready to drop a bag on an ExecArmor truck.

1 comment

1 Comment

Forest Gamp
Forest Gamp
Aug 30, 2023

Meek Mill's move to sell his ExecArmor Bulletproof Truck sure turns heads! If you're into unique automotive setups, Onefastshop should be on your radar. They offer a range of auto parts that let you create your dream ride, from performance tweaks to stylish upgrades.

Thinking outside the box like Meek Mill? Consider a fabrication shop to customize your vehicle further. It's all about turning your vision into reality. So, while this bulletproof truck catches eye, remember you can make your ride just as attention-worthy with help from Onefastshop and a skilled fabrication shop.

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