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Michael Blackson proposes to his girlfriend live on “The Breakfast Club”

She said yes! Congratulations "Mutha Sucka."

Michael Blackson gets down on one knee and proposes to Girlfriend Rada on “TBC”

Actor Michael Blackson stopped by The Breakfast Club on Thursday morning (July 22), at the end of the interview, he called his girlfriend Rada over to him before getting down on both knees and proposing to her. The beautiful moment was picked up by all of the cameras.

"I've never had a woman that's this loyal to me," said Michael before revealing that Rada was there to comfort him while he was recovering from COVID-19.

When Angela Yee asked Michael to confirm that he would also be saying goodbye to his sneaky links, the comedian said "Bye side b!tch" to which Michael replied, "90% of the side b!tch bye bye".

While still in shock Rada had one thing to say, "Bye side b!tch"

Check out the proposal and full video below or on The Breakfast Club.

"Meet the future Mrs.Blackson", Blackson wrote on IG.


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