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Michael Jackson fans Dragged Billboard for Comparing Drake to MJ: “Nah Mike had them passing out”

Billboard is officially listed Drake over Michael Jackson included The Beatles as the biggest Pop Singer in the world.

Billboard Believes Drake is now Bigger Than the King of Pop Michael Jackson

Is Drake in 2021 is now as big as Michael Jackson or The Beatles at their peaks?” Billboard reports, the media publication started a twitter debate on Saturday, September 18.

As expected, Naturally, diehard fans of the late King of Pop did not take comparisons too well.

Viral social media user tweeted, “The streaming era we are living in got Billboard thinking that Drake is as big as Michael Jackson.”

And this is not the first time Drizzy has been compared to MJ. Fat Joe and The Game also gave props.

That was all it took. King of Pop fans who don’t care for the comparisons, defending the late music icon.

Check out some of the reactions below.

Akademiks even chimed in on the Billboard debate majority of his Instagram followers disagrees with the Drake over Michael Jackson comparison.

Unfortunately, we would never know how Michael Jackson felt about Drake and his music, BUT let this be a lesson to anyone considering comparing themselves or another artist to MJ. You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.


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