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Mike Tyson on using Shrooms to help with Mental Health: ‘It's Amazing Medicine’

The legendary former heavyweight champion of the world Iron Mike Tyson calls psychedelics 'magic' and credits them for saving his life.

Mike Tyson Uses Shrooms To Help With Mental Health: "My Whole Life Changed"

Iron Mike Tyson has previously spoken candidly about his mental health and admitted to being suicidal at a point in his life. But thanks to the use of psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms, his mental health changed for the better.

The Brooklyn boxing icon spoke with Reuters on (May 28), about magic mushrooms, and how he's used them to combat the issues that he's dealt with. The change Tyson has gone through mentally and spiritually is partially thanks to his dosing, he said.

"Everyone thought I was crazy, I bit this guy's ear off," the boxing Icon said of his infamous 1997 match with Evander Holyfield. "I did all this stuff, and once I got introduced to the shrooms ... my whole life changed." Medical professionals have often spoken against people using such substances without a professional's guidance because many users have experienced adverse effects that have permanently altered their reality or mental state.

In addition to the psilocybin mushrooms, Tyson took other consciousness-alerting substances and began a spiritual journey.

"To think where I was – almost suicidal – to this now. Isn’t life a trip, man? It’s amazing medicine, and people don’t look at it from that perspective." told Reuters.

Watch Tyson's testimony above admits psychedelic mushrooms saved his life.

In last December, Tyson admitted during an appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast, Impaulsive, that he would eat an ounce of magic mushrooms and go to the gym to train. He even ingested four grams of the stuff live during the interview.

“It helps me be a better me,” he said.

When asked what the legalization of psychedelic drugs would do to the world, Tyson didn’t mince words with his response.

“I think this would be the best thing since the 21st century,” he said.


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