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‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ co-founders Wallo267 & Gillie Da King signs with WME media agency

William Morris Endeavor has signed ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ looking to expand the brand.

WME has signed ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ both cousins focusing on expanding their podcast

According to Hollywood Reporter, the company for talent and media agencies will focus on expanding ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ brand across content, unscripted, touring, literary and more.

Gillie Da King spoke with Hollywood Reporter: “We came along and we do it so effortlessly that we make anybody feel like they can do a podcast,” Gillie tells the Hollywood Reporter. “People are shooting their shot. We show people from all over the world, but specifically from the bottom — and we from that — [that] you can do other things out here other than play basketball, other than sell drugs, other than the typical things that you think is the only way you can win to get out of the ghetto.

Wallo267 also spoke with Hollywood Reporter: “There’s a lot of stories that haven’t been told … about the struggle that took place in America for people of color. We have a lot to offer, but I think sometimes they see us as one way,” Wallo says. “We’re going to show them more.”


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