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Minnesota Governor says Jay Z called him personally to demand justice for George Floyd

Jay-Z calls Minnesota governor pushing for justice for George Floyd.

We will demand Justice for the murder of George Floyd

During a press conference Sunday, (May 31) Minnesota Governor Tim Walz told the media that Rap Icon Jay-Z called him to talk about George Floyd

Jay-Z is concerned about how the murder case of George Floyd is being handled and he is reaching out to people in high places to get answers. Fox News reports that it was Van Jones that connected Jay-Z and Govenor Walz. "It was so incredibly human," Walz said of his conversation with Jay. "It was a dad - and I think quite honestly a black man whose visceral pain of this that he knew. His words summarized that justice needs to be served here."

Adding, "Receiving a call, last night, to understand how big this was, from Jay-Z," Walz said. "Not international performer, but dad, stressing to me that justice needs to be served. And that as he's listening and hearing it, that this is a place that wants to do it. That this is a place that does it, but we have to follow through."

It took four days for the Minneapolis District Attorney's Office to charge Chauvin with third-degree murder and manslaughter in Floyd's death. It is unclear if the three other officers who were on the scene and did nothing while Chauvin essentially choked Floyd to death will be charged.


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