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Missy Elliott thanks Lil Wayne for always ranking her No. 1 on Top 5 Favorite Rappers List

Lil Wayne shares his top five rappers: Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Goodie Mob, and UGK.

Missy Reacts to Lil Wayne New Sit-Down Interview with Nick Wright: “It's Always Going to Be First Is Missy Elliott”

The Young Money head honcho gave his answer in a special edition of What’s Wright? With Nick Wright, podcast.

During a recent interview with Nick Wright, Weezy once again crowned Missy his favorite rapper of all-time and says he will always rank her No. 1 on the Top Greatest Rappers List. — Missy Elliott who inspired Wayne to experiment with different sounds and ad-libs on both songs. The barrier-breaking MC has often been recognized for her unique vocals.

“Whenever @LilTunechi says my name in his interviews,” Missy wrote. “Twitter don’t have enough space for me tosay my GRATEFULNESS because he is a LEGEND himself who birthed many emcees after him🙏🏾 & as a man to acknowledge me as a big influence 4 him I send you love WAYNE💜”

Missy continued. “Another reason this warms my heart is because I’ve seen many times @LilTunechi has said my name over & over for years no matter who the interviewers are he has never been hesitant to say me as a female & for that I am forever GRATEFUL🙏🏾💜”

You can check out the full What's Wright? With Nick Wright w/ Lil Wayne interview via YouTube up below.

This not the first time Lil Wayne crediting Missy Elliot as one of the rappers that influenced him early in his career.

In October 2020, A conversation with DJ Khaled. “Missy Elliott that was my favorite rapper because that would be why I was making so many sounds,” Wayne told Khaled. “You know, Missy was into the whole ‘Brrrrt’ [sound]. You know what I mean? She’s about to make the ‘hehehehe ha’ [sound].”

Missy responded to the video showing gratitude and said, “🙏🏾💜 @LilTunechi has shown me love since my 2nd album I am so humbly grateful love & respect back to him” Take a look below! Weezy's Top 5 rappers.


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