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Mystikal's Freestyle “Help The Bear” bar resurfaced after a girl risk her life to save her dogs

Girl goes viral on TikTok after fighting a bear to save her dogs.

Out of Nowhere, A 2012 freestyle resurfaced from the Former No Limit: “I'm cold as a lion with no hair/If you ever see me fightin in da forest/With a grizzly bear HELP DA BEAR”

TikToker pushes brown bear off Backyard wall to save her dogs

Video shows 17-year-old San Gabriel Valley girl shoving away bear to save her dogs, and people has now Quoting a Classic Mystikal Freestyle.

If you woke up this morning questioning why both Mystikal and “help the bear” were trending heavily on the timeline, the answer—even for those well-versed in the freestyle history of the New Orleans artist—may be a surprising one.

Security footage was shared to TikTok and Instagram on Monday, (June 1) A TikToker brave attempt at protecting her dogs from a prying bear. Haley explained that the dogs had begun barking incessantly at the bear, and when Haley stepped out to stop them, she found the bear grabbing one of the dogs. The teen rushed over to the scene, pushed the bear off of a fence and off of her property, and promptly ran inside while collecting her dogs.

“My cousin Hailey just fought a fucking mama bear and won!” Instagram user @bakedlikepie wrote when sharing the clip. “How’s your Memorial Day weekend?”

TikTok clip from @bakedlikepie, Hailey reflected on the incident, saying she “fought off a bear to protect my kids.” As Hailey explained, she lives in the mountains, “so this is actually really normal.” According to Hailey, she first heard her dogs barking, which isn’t an uncommon occurrence.

“I go to tell them to stop and when I go over there to see what they’re barking at I’m like, that’s a funny-looking dog,” she said.

Watch the Mystikal' "On da Spot" freestyle below.


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