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NAS drops new single “Ultra Black”

Nas upcoming 13th studio album King’s Disease, and it's coming in one week (Friday, August 21). 14 tracks with an additional bonus cut.

Nas Announces New Album King’s Disease, Releases “Ultra Black” Featuring Hit-Boy:

A track that celebrates the Black community, “Ultra Black” hears the rapper speak on perseverance and pride despite the system. “Occassion, we rose to that,” he narrates, even harking it back to his 1994 hit “The World Is Yours” with the line “My son will be my resurrection.”

“We ultra black, grey stone, skin tone, but multi that/ multiple colors, we come in all shades, mostly back,” Nas raps over a balmy, bubbly beat. “Pitch black like a night/ I’m ultra Black/ Sanford and Son rerun jokes are Black/ Oh, yes, oh yes.” There’s a lot to love in this track, and you can hear why Nas was so excited to work with Hit-Boy.


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