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Nas reveals he “Got Too High” to Finish Collaboration with The Notorious B.I.G.

During Nas' interview with The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne asked, Nas about the Biggie track.

Nas Was ‘Too High’ To Finish A Collaboration With Biggie

We could have had a Nas and Biggie collaboration that we're sure would have become a classic, but it wasn't meant to be.

“I got too high. I was in the studio and Big was rolling up some of that Chocolate from Brooklyn and he didn’t warn me. I was zonked out, yo. There’s pictures of that session out there. I think, yeah, we were supposed to do a couple of songs. I was going to remix some stuff for Ready To Die. One of them I did was ‘Gimme The Loot.'”

Watch the full interview w/ Nas’ The Breakfast Club interview below.

Nas Explains Why Him And Biggie Didn't Do A Record Together, Talks King's Disease, Belly And More


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