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Nas was gifted Kobe Bryant Autographed poster for his 47th Birthday

Nasir rings in his birthday with autographed Mamba poster.

NAS Reveals Autographed Kobe Bryant poster for his birthday

Kobe Bryant will forever be in the hearts of sports fans around the world. He burst onto the scene in the late 90s and eventually took over the entire NBA with Shaq by his side. Unfortunately, he passed away way too soon back in January and fans and teammates have been mourning him ever since. One of Kobe's biggest fans was none other than NFL legend, Shannon Sharpe. The Broncos tight end has always been one to champion the Lakers on social media and he's also quick to show off his sneaker legend.

Yesterday, (Sept 14) Nas took to Instagram where he showed off an autographed poster of Kobe Bryant gifted him from a special friend.


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