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Ne-Yo says he once asked Ice-T: “Let Me Squeeze Coco's Ass for a Really Long Time” & Ice-T said Yes

Ne-Yo shares wild Coco & Ice-T story in the trailer for the next episode of Drink Champs.

Ne-Yo Tells Story About Ice-T Allowing Him to Grab CoCo's Butt

Ne-Yo has recalled the time Ice-T once granted him permission to touch his wife and model Coco Austin’s derrière.

On Tuesday (August 9), N.O.R.E. dropped a teaser for an upcoming Drink Champs episode featuring an interview with Ne-Yo — the R&B singer recalled the story in a teaser of an upcoming episode of Drink Champs. “Ice-T let me squeeze Coco’s booty one time. Yes, respectfully,” Ne-Yo told N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, leaving the former of the co-hosts blown away and wondering how something like that happens.

Ne-Yo continued to explain that it was a Halloween party, and the singer was a few drinks deep before making the risky request.

“‘Cause mind you she had some shit on,” Ne-Yo said. “Right, so I walked up to him and I was like, ‘Bro, all due respect, I’ve wanted to squeeze Coco’s ass for a really long time.'”

Ice-T then obliged in the most gangsta way possible: “You know what? And I’m just the kind of pimp that will let you do it.”

Ne-Yo remembered the Law & Order: SVU star calling her over to their corner of the party and whispering something in her ear, to which she turned around with a smile.

“[She] turned around and bent that thang over and I tried to grab as much of a handful as I could. He gave me a pound and we drank and hung out the rest of the night,” Ne-Yo explained.

N.O.R.E. remained flabbergasted trying to figure out who “was the most gangsta” out of the three involved. The release date of the interview is currently unknown.


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