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Nelly reportedly sold 50% ownership of his catalog for $50 Million

Nelly lands 8-Figure deal for half of music catalog.

Nelly sells fifty percent of his music catalog for $50 Milion.

Nelly reportedly snags $50 million deal for half his classic hit catalog.

The 2000s hitmaker — rapper & singer has apparently sold half of his music catalog for $50 million. On Wednesday (July 5). TMZ reported, the St. Louis native is $50 million richer after selling 50% of his catalog, joining the string of recording artists who have been trading ownership of their biggest hits for cash now. In Nelly’s case, part of his catalog is now half-owned by Harbourview Equity Partners.

The deal includes some of Nelly’s most iconic tracks such as “Ride Wit Me,” “Dilemma” featuring Kelly Rowland and “Hot in Herre. “


In addition to Nelly’s latest business ventures, Nelly also recently announced his new beverage MoShine, which is a corn-based moonshine that will be in peach and passion fruit flavors. In a recent statement about the venture, Nelly explained, “Where I come from, we work hard and play harder, and I want my fans to be able to reach for MoShine anytime they’re ready to get the party started.”


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