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New trailer for Tupac Shakur & Afeni Shakur docuseries has released

A five-part docuseries based on the life of the late icon Tupac Shakur and his mother

FX original series about Tupac and his mother Afeni Shakur will air in the Spring of 2023

Tupac’s ‘Dear Mama’ original series coming to FX in 2023.

FX has unveiled the third trailer for “Dear Mama” on Sunday (December 25), the upcoming docuseries detailing the relationship the late iconic rapper Tupac had with his mother, Afeni Shakur.

In the new 42-second preview begins with a young Tupac telling the camera the qualities he inherited from his mother. “I’m most like my mom because I’m arrogant, totally arrogant,” he said.

He then discusses the role she played in the fight for civil rights during the ’60s. “My mother was a Black Panther and she was really involved in the movement,” said Pac. Afeni was an American political activist and poet.

Afeni mentioned her duties as the mother of future Icon: “It was my responsibility to teach Tupac how to survive his reality.”

The series will also shed light on Afeni’s activism as a member of the ‘black panther party,’ and how that influenced her son's work.

The series is directed by Allen Hughes, who’s best known for creating Menace II Society, Dead Presidents and The Book of Eli as one-half of the Hughes brothers alongside his brother Albert. Hughes’ solo work includes the 2017 HBO docuseries The Defiant Ones, which examined Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine‘s prolific partnership in music and business.


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